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While I tried to keep things fairly minimal throughout my pregnancy, there are a number of things–some quite simple–that made each stage a little easier. To potentially aide someone else, or help myself with future pregnancies, I’ve collected them all below.

I’m sure I’ll add things down the line, but as of 35 weeks with Evi, this is my list.

Oh hey, it’s me again! Evelyn is now 18 months old and I’ve been through 3 pregnancies (and subsequent miscarriages) since having her. Back here to update on things I’ve found in the past almost 2 years! I also want to add this caveat… If I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that what works for me might not work for someone else; of all the advice I received while pregnant and as a new mom, maybe 5% of it felt genuinely relevant to me and my baby, and ended up working for me exactly as it had for the person who gave the advice. Take it slow, don’t buy things until you actually need them, and borrow everything you can until you know it works for you! And most of all, give yourself grace, mama.

Online Hypnobirthing Class

The Positive Birth Company Digital Pack

We opted to take an online birth class rather than an in person one simply for sake of ease and time, and we absolutely loved our class. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially those who have ever even remotely considered a natural birth!

Still recommend this 1000% and they have even updated with new resources since I gave birth including postpartum care and an app!

Apps to Download

  1. Pregnancy+ (Philips Avent)
    • What I love about it:
      • It tells you both how long you’ve been pregnant and how much time you have left.
      • I really like its weight tracking function.
  2. Ovia Pregnancy
    • What I love about it:
      • It compares the size of baby’s hands & feet at birth to where you are in your pregnancy.
      • The calendar section allows you to look back at any date and see exactly how far along you were, or forward to do the same.
  3. The Bump
    • What I love about it:
      • The daily articles produced by this app are short, to the point, and often more fun than other apps. It’s the only one I’ve kept up with reading-wise.
  4. What to Expect Pregnancy
    • I have utilized this app mostly for its “Community” forum.
  5. Baby Center
    • I have utilized this app mostly for its “Birth Club” forum.

Note: I have an iPhone, so all apps listed are relevant to Apple, but may also be available on other platforms.

Podcasts to Listen To

The Birth Hour

Every episode is a different mother’s birth story.

Pregnancy Journal

When to purchase: ASAP

Link to what I have: Polka Dot Print Shop Bump Book

love this book, and the whole following collection! It allows you to document your pregnancy in 2 week increments, as well as record major milestones.

Did you know that the best predictor of your pregnancy, labor & delivery is determined by how your mother’s was? I’ve found myself asking my mom a million questions throughout my pregnancy, and she’s had so few answers after all these years. I was determined to leave my daughter as much as I could, so I found a book that’s allowed me to document all my pregnancy milestones, and continues with a collection that can follow her throughout her childhood.

1.5 years into my motherhood journey with Evi and I still LOVE this book, and the rest of the series! I finished off the Bump book, moved onto the Baby book, and am now well into the Toddler book. Seriously, cannot say enough good words about this series of memory books.

Nursing Pads

When to purchase: whenever your boobs start leaking

Link to what I have: disposables and/or washable (your preference)

Because you will, inevitably, leak through your clothes way sooner than you think you will.

Pregnancy Pillows

Link to what I have: Boppy Wedge & Body Pillow

I snagged a body pillow off of Amazon the moment I found out I was pregnant and have used it since the day I got it. From naps on the couch to bed at night, it’s versatile, comfortable, and truly a lifesaver.

The Wedge came a little later (once I had a noticeable bump) and works wonders for my back. I just slip it under my belly while sleeping on my side and it is wonderful. Honestly, If I had to pick one pillow or the other, I might be obligated to pick this one.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Link to what I have: Oil & Diffuser

I diffused this every night to help me go to sleep, as well as during the day when I was feeling nauseous. SUPER helpful. If you aren’t affiliated with any essential oil brands, you can grab a good one of Amazon via my link above.

Hard Candy and/or Mints

When to purchase: First Trimester

Whatever your preference, you’ll want something to suck on. I swapped between Jolly Ranchers and Ice Breaker Mints depending on my mood, but both saved my butt when I was nauseous.

Insulated Water Bottle

Link to what I have: Costco ThermoFlask

There’s no thirst quite like that of a pregnant woman. Except maybe that of a breastfeeding mom. Jury’s still out on that.

Disposable Bags

Whether it’s a garbage bag (my preference) or a cute little barf-specific bag you purchase on the web, you will want something with you when you’re out. Trust me.

While the thought of throwing up in public is horrifying, it will probably happen, and you want to be prepared. I kept a clean trash bag in my purse at all times so if I found myself stuck somewhere inside, without a quick toilet, I had something to throw up into.

Save your car. Save a stranger. Carry a bag.

Belly Moisturizer

While stretch marks are genetic, you will try as you might to prevent them anyway. Whether you prefer a lotion, a bar, or an oil, I’ve tried them all. Below are my favs:

  1. Lush Therapy Massage Bar
  2. Aquaphor
    • Once baby’s born, you’ll want to swap to something more baby-friendly (like this Nipple Butter), but during pregnancy, my itchy, dry breasts have loved nothing more than plain and simple Aquaphor.
  3. Rosehip Oil
  4. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Squatty Potty

When to purchase: whenever you want to poop

If you think this is a joke, you’ve clearly never used one. Truly, I give most of the credit for my lack of pregnancy constipation to this toilet-hugging friend. And post pregnancy, there it shall remain.

Prenatal Vitamins

Garden of Life Raw Prenatal

I have a serious love/hate relationship with prenatal vitamins. I swear I’ve tried them all, and they’ve all made me sick. That being said, this is my favorite because a. it’s a raw, whole food supplement and b. the capsules are easy to open and the powder inside can easily be thrown into a smoothie instead of being swallowed like a normal pill.

I have to say, while I love the idea of these, I was only able to take them with Evelyn via smoothie, and I was really frustrated by this. With my next few pregnancies, I was determined to find something that wouldn’t make me sick, but I could also swallow whole, which meant it needed to be smaller than a regular capsule pill. And in walks Pink Stork

Do your research and talk to your doctor about your specific needs during pregnancy, but I’ve found each of the following supplements worked great for me:

Pink Stork DHA

Pink Stork Folate

Pink Stork Pro

Pink Stork Liquid Prenatal

Glossier Skincare

Link to what I have: Balm Dotcom & Soothing Face Mist

While I love–and use–almost all of their products daily, these are the two that have been wonderful throughout my pregnancy. The Mint Balm my favorite; it’s soothing and versatile. I use it on my lips 15000 times a day, and my cuticles mostly. The Face Mist contains Rosewater and Aloe and is a part of my bathroom routine more often than not.

Blanqi Maternity Supportwear

I have the Bellyband & 2 pair of the Support Leggings and I would absolutely buy both products again. They’re still in great shape and will easily support another pregnancy (or multiple). Would definitely recommend any of their products!

Comfortable Bras

When to purchase: as soon as your boobs are growing and/or sore

Links to what I have: Nursing Friendly & Victoria’s Secret Wireless & Calvin Klein

I snagged a bunch of Calvin Klein bralettes at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/etc. and sleep in those every night. As for lounging around the house, I’ve loved the little extra support of the nursing friendly bras I found on Amazon, and when “getting dressed for real,” Victoria’s Secret makes my favorite (Wear Everywhere, PINK) bra in a wireless version, which is a must for pregnancy/postpartum breasts!

Oh lord, nursing bras… I’ve been nursing for 18 months now and I genuinely don’t think I’ve found the best one yet. That being said, I stand by my Calvin Klein recommendation above all else here. All I’ve wanted is comfort around the house. As for a nursing bra that’s both comfortable and supportive for pregnancy and beyond, I’m still searching!


I hope you found this helpful! If you want to know more, stay tuned for updates on Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, Nursing, Newborns and more (will update with links once those are posted).

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