Expecting Evi


date of LMP, 10/3/17

date of conception, 10/22/17

first positive pregnancy test, 11/3/17

pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound, 11/30/17

verified a perfectly healthy baby girl, 2/28/18

estimated due date, 7/17/18

I have wanted to be a mom my whole life. I may have toyed with the idea of careers and outlandish dreams, but the only thing to which I’ve remained steadfast is my desire to be a mother.

This isn’t the first time the I’ve peed on a stick. This isn’t the first baby I’ve fallen in love with. But here I sit, a month from her due date, completely in awe of the strong, healthy little girl in my belly.

This little girl is so very loved. And while her timing is unpredictable, so are her parents. Welcome to the club, sweet girl.

We love you, Evers.


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