Out of Coffee

In October, I left my job of 4 years.

From Barista to Cafe Manager, I loved it there. So a lot of people questioned why I left.

I was 19 when urban COFFEE lounge hired me. I was newly married, had just moved back to Kirkland, and was attending the University of Washington full time in Seattle.

Over the next few years, I commuted across the water to class, and maintained a 40+ hour work schedule, all the while trying to settle into a very different way of life.

When I graduated in June of 2016, I had no intentions of leaving UCL. I didn’t want to be one of those graduates who graduated and jumped off a cliff into the “real world.”

I already had a “grown up job,” as I was running the Cafe at this point. I was happy, I was comfortable–but most of all, I needed some time.

Time to find myself. // Do I have any hobbies? What would I do in my spare time? What is spare time?

Time to commit to my marriage. // As 2 full time students, what did we really know of true married life at this point? Could things be better?

Time to “get healthy.” // By the time I graduated, my depression was out of control. I needed to get a grip on my mental health before it consumed me.

Time to be 20-something. // I’d been working as many hours as I could manage since I was 15. I’d never “been my age.” What do 20-somethings even do?

A few months into 2017, my husband finally graduated and was able to start supporting us more financially. For the first time our life together, I could take a step back.

In August, I gave 2 months notice, and began the long process of transitioning out of a place I’d been a part of since opening day. In October, I was through.

It was a bittersweet goodbye.

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