My “Plan”

Today I completed my application to graduate. From college. In June. Of this year.


Where did the time go?

As expected, meeting with my advisor brought on the series of questions that every student facing impending graduation inevitably hears: What are you going to do when you gradate? Have you started looking for jobs yet? Where are you going to live? And the list goes on…

As if, simply by completing a set of courses and aligning yourself with a specific field, you somehow know what your future is going to look like.

I wish.

Except that I don’t. I don’t wish that I knew right now what my future holds. I don’t wish I could answer all those questions with some degree of certainty. Because where’s the fun in that?

Yes, college does imply a bit of a direction for my future. But why does that direction have to head the way people expect it to?

  • major: Early Childhood & Family Studies
  • minor: Nutritional Sciences
  • plan: to live my life

I chose this educational path because of it’s potential for my future, not because I wanted my future decided for me. And no, maybe that isn’t the most financially sound answer, but it’s an answer I have no problem committing to live by.

I could write a novel on the questions people shouldn’t ask others about their lives…but that’s another story.

For now, I’m just going to survive the next 8 months until graduation!


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